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Behind Joy Embassy there is a human team with a great track record in various sectors. From commercialization to fishing,our professional team covers several parts of the chain that goes from the production or capture to the sale of the products. Our extensive experience has helped usmaintain great relationships in markets,not only in Spain, but in many countries of five continents.

We want to take advantage of this knowledge, both on the matters and on the market, to announce new products. Some already known and other innovators, giving special relevance to our Galician products, refrigerated and cacuum packed, increasing the shelf life of the product with an innovative thermal conservation system, which provides an amazing level of quality at the time of consumption.

Our company works both nationally and internationally, making come the best products where they are needed with the best qualities and guarantees.

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The taste of the sea

Fish and Sellfish

All our products are Galician products, fresh and of excellent quality. They go through a special purification system complying with the strictest quality controls.

Our products undergo an innovative thermal treatment thanks to which their useful life is prolonged maintaining the same qualities as if they were fresh from the sea.

In modern life where everything is in a hurry, our products become a great ally. Thanks to its rapid preparation, you can enjoy a delicious and healthy meal in a matter of minutes

Packed to the natural, our products are accompanied by the necessary condiments for your tasting or of tasty emulsions of sauces based on homemade recipes; thus uniting, in perfect harmony, tradition and innovation.

The taste of the land

Wine & Olive oil

We have an excelent selection of Galician wines (Albariños D.O. Rías Baixas y Mencía D.O. Ribeira Sacra ) ideal to pair these gastronomic gems and we also offer a sparkling blue wine, delicious from the view to the palate

We sell high quality olive oils from the best olive plantiations in southern Spain. The olive oil that we commercialize takes care of the smallest detail throughout the productoion process and is offered in different varieties and formats


We invite you to download our general catalogue. In the same one you will find & aacute; complete and detailed information about all the products that we commercialize..

You can also access the download of information about specific products from our GALLERY section. For additional information and rates, we would appreciate your contacting our commercial department directly.

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